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Interim management

Fast, flexible and efficiency focused business solutions are essential. There can be many situations in a company’s life when additional leadership resource needed for a definite period of time. In unexpected cases or for a specific project lead traditional HR solutions are cumbersome, costly and ineffective in many cases. With the help of an experienced Interim Manager these situations can be successfully solved in cases like these:

• unexpected, time-limited management gap (Gap management)
• change management or turn-around-management, when leadership actions need to be taken in a situation that requires professional, determined, strong, and rapid leadership action. In each case, it is accompanied by a significant increase in efficiency.
• company transformation, organizational structure transformation, process management, creation of transparency and controlling systems, where the task is to establish the regulation of new processes and their permanent incorporation into the organization.
• project management on such periods of company lifetime when the technological novelty and/or complexity of the cases exceed the internal knowledge and experience.

We undertake interim managerial execution in following areas:
• company leadership, executive
• financial
• operational
• sales
• purchasing.

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