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„There is no greater joy than when the solution to a problem suddenly comes to light. ” Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes

Ever since I know my mind, I’ve seen things differently somehow, so I can quickly find multiple and good solutions to problems that often seem unsolvable.
From these ideas, I am able to select the most appropriate one for a given situation, of course taking into account the Human who is at the center.
I can help others to think with them to always find the best solution for a given situation.
I work with individual methods that are always preceded by careful mapping. This includes in-depth interviews as well as getting to know the situation - if more than one actor is involved, then interviews with those individuals.
After defining the present status, we look at where we want to go to.
We will find the best way and then I guide You along this way.
I am satisfied if I can not just fulfil your expectetions, but I can surpass it. I am proud that this has still been achieved so far.

“Famous” sentences from my practice:
- It is impossible to introduce E-learning system in a company at this size from 60 million HUF -> We introduced it from 58 million HUF, perfectly keeping all the deadlines of the project.
- It is impossible to fix a relationship by dealing with only one party -> The relationship has worked perfectly ever since.
- It is impossible for two people to spend four days in Paris with programs, at all costs from one 150.000 forints -> Fantastic four days were spent there within budget.





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